About Us

Hi there! 

We are the East Africana team!

East Africana Founders 1

Yodit and Daniel...yes we are siblings too! :)

Yodit handles most of the creative work and social media and Daniel does pretty much everything else. Thank you for stoping by and keep reading to find out how we started...

The Idea

The idea for East Africana actually came to us one day in 2015 (summer-ish) and it was actually our mom that suggested it! Believe it or not, we were actually out for a walk to get some ice cream! Haha! It might have been the inspiration, we are not ruling it out!

Anyways, since then we have been working at it and what you see here today is the result!

The Vision

We want East Africana to be THE place you think of whenever you want either traditional or modern jewelry. We like to put a twist on how we wear the jewelry and we want you to put your own touch to it too.

This is only the start and if you got any suggestion, just send us an email, tweet us, fb message or DM us. Whatever works for you! 

We want to make this site perfect for you! :)

Meet Our Lovely Customers

east africana customers

They are located from different parts of the world. :)

Where Are We Located

Technically, everywhere! East Africana is an online-only store.

But we are from Toronto aka The 6ix aka T.O. We do all the shipping from right here in Toronto too! 

Got a question?

Just say hi@eastafricana.com

P.S. Check out below and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 


Sizing Guide

Hi Ladies!

Here are some guidelines to help you determine the right size for you.

You can also refer to the size chart below: